Monday, December 1, 2008

the good life

this is what i get to see every single evening, a huge benefit of living by the ocean, and at the end of my street is a huge valley that looks really cool at nightand when you walk out the front door anytime past 4 o clock pm it is dead silent, it is so freaky, i have never been in a place in my whole life where it is this quiet, like, no wind, no cars, no ac units buzzing, no people, just street lights, it is sooo odd. like i feel inspired to film a scary movie outside my house, haha.
In California there are 36,553,215 people, the most populated state in the USA so of course there is gonna be every single type of person known to man in California, and most of them are crazy or wierd or just funny, so ive taken the liberty of capturing some of these people on my camera..
our first subject comes out of down town san diego..
i call him... "Rick" hahah
our next subject comes from carlsbad
i call this one "trunk crack fisherman"
i call this next one "princeton wannabe"
i wonder if he majored in "fry cook 101" at princeton
i call this next one "yelling at an invisible car"
this next one is "seaweed shotput" he must have spun around holding that seaweed like 30 times before letting it go and it probably went about 4 or 5 feet haha.
i call this one "bad dad" look at his shirt.
and thats about all i can do for now, more to come soon! haha.
other than all the crazy people here its great, i have like a million pix of sunsets now that ive moved here, heres one of my favs that i took the week i moved here
see the bird? haha
and i havent forgotten Arizonas beautiful sunsets too
heres one from az that i took
im gonna try to sleep now,, its almost 3 am here.

spiders and fog and more heart attacks.

spiders scare the living heck out of me.

well as you may know my parents and my little brother went to Arizona for thanksgiving week because rylan had the whole week off and they had a family dinner at grandmas.. well anyways, i couldnt go because i had to work every day that week (like always) so about a day after they leave i come home from work around 11 pm and on the drive the fog is so bad that i couldnt see more then 4 feet past my hood, and for us california drivers that had to retake the test to get our licences over here, you are NOT supposed to turn on your brights, well i was for the most part the only one on the road except every once and awhille there would be an idiot on the other side of the road blinding me with their brights on, so i decided to blind them all back, they didnt like it but they got my point, anywhoo people are horrible drivers in fog, i almost rear ended some lady because she parked her car in the middle of the road and shut off her lights i was going about 55 too, for those of you who didnt know this allready, thats not a smart thing to do... so i swerve and miss her by inches, your supposed to pull off the road before you shut your car off and turn off your lights you idiot. so after getting the crap scared out of me and almost dying, i finally get home, i walk in grab a water bottle and sit on the couch to see if any of my shows got recorded that day, i go let the cat inside because shed been out all day, then i sit on the couch and put the blanket on my lap, about two minutes later i see something move on my thigh, i do a double take and realize its a GIANT BLACK WIDOW!

well maybe not that big, more like this...

soo...i flipp out and rip the blanket off my lap and throw it as hard as i can and take off my pants and run upstairs, so i go get new clothes on go back downstairs slowly and search high and low for the stupid spider with shoe in hand, and couldnt find it, so i just shut off the tv and go to bed, so i pretty much got the crap scared outta me twice within a half hour. in case you didnt know, i hate spiders.. (and just as much, bad drivers).. when i saw it it reminded me of a picture i took of a spider in kauaii so is a black widow spider scarier then a St. Andrews Cross Spider? heres the picture of the st andrews spider that i took in kauaii..
scary huh?! the pic makes this spider look small. this spider is 5 inches long.. try waking up with that lyin next to ya. not fun.

-Shaniqua (Alec)